Mundharmonika CD "Not Only Jazz" von Albert Maksimov

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Track listing
1. Die Miniatur für Mundharmonika N1(A. Maksimov, G.Oranskiy)
2. Black Orpheus (A. Jobim)
3. As Time Goes By (H. Hupfield)
4. Lullaby for Cicadas (A. Maksimov, G.Oranskiy)
5. Angel Eyes (M. Dennis)
6. Autumn Leaves (J. Kosma)
7. The Desert (A. Maksimov, G.Oranskiy)
8. Blue Moon (R. Rodgers)
9. Underground Tango (G. Bregovic)
10. The Epilogue (A. Maksimov, G.Oranskiy)

Total Time 39:19


© (p) 2006 Albert Maksimov, Georgiy Oranskiy

Harmonica: Albert Maksimov

Release Date: Feb 10, 2006

Record Label: Rostok Records

Format: CD

Recording type: Studio

Recording mode: Stereo

All harmonica parts were played on harmonicas manufactured by Seydel company

Editorial reviews

"...Albert Maksimov is an chromatic harmonica player. He is a chairman of the Ukraine Harmonica Assotiation and director/conductor of the harmonica course at Kiev Harmonica Club. Classical music, jazz, blues. Composer. In 2006 he recordered first Harmonica CD in the history of Ukraine.

This CD named "Not Only Jazz"
Quelle:http://www. harmonicalinks. com

"...During the year 2004 Kiev's Harmonica Club was founded by Albert Maksimov.His was to have an , All Ukraine Harmonica Association inform about and promote the Harmonica throughout the Ukraine. In Kharkov, lvov, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Sumi, Doneck and in other towns of the Ukraine there are harmonica players that can follow this example."
Quelle: http://www. seydel1847. de

"...It is a nice mixture of mainstream jazz and some more modern music"
Quelle: "Harmonica World"
Feb/March 2006

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