Akai SG01K GM Modul mit Netzt. u. Handbuch General Midi

Preis: EUR 50,00
Akai SG01 GM Sound Modul, perfekt für low-budget Studios, Pop, HipHop Produktionen oder Gamemusik. Beschreibung: GM-based Sound Generator

SG01k is a GM-based PCM synthesizer. The specs are; 6MB ROM contains GM sounds. Basically 32 polyphonic. The filter is said to be 4-pole (but I'm not sure). LFO modulates pitch and filter. Short Reverb effect which eats 2 polyphony.

Key Parameter Editing System

SG01 Series has only 3 synthetic parameters to edit from the front panel. This simplified interface is called Key Parameter Editing System. The parameters are: SHAPE controls EG rates. TONE mainly controls filter cutoff. SPECIAL controls resonance (or other preset parameter). What parameter is actually being controlled is not clear. FX Level and Fine Tune are also editable from the front panel.

Using MIDI messages, other parameters can be edited; Portamento Pan Bend Depth Coarse Tune LFO Rate Offset LFO Depth Offset LFO Delay Offset Cutoff Offset Resonance Offset Attack Offset Decay Offset Release Offset Drum Pitch Coarse Drum Volume Drum Pan Drum Reverb Reverb Select Part Channel


Optisch: gebraucht, display tadellos, tasten nicht abgegriffen.

Technsich: Einwandfrei

Abholung in Hamburg bevorzugt, Versand per Nachnahme nach Absprache

Preis: VB 50,-

Umfang: Original Akai-Netzteil, Handbuch und Soundmodul.

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