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Die mit einem (x) gekennzeichneten CDs sind mit Autogramm vom Künstler und Kosten jeweils 16,- EUR pro CD. Ansonsten sind in der Regel die Preise pro CD 8,- EUR! Es kann eventuell aber auch sein, dass eine CD einmal etwas mehr kostet, weil Doppel-CD usw.! Daher bitte die genaue Preisliste anfordern!

2raumwohnung - Spiel Mit
2raumwohnung - Wir Sind Die Anderen (Frühling 2007)
8 Ball Aitken - Rebel With A Cause
Aaron Watson - Live Deep in The Heart of Texas (1CD, 1DVD)
Abbi Clair - A Little Bit of Both
Abi Tapia - The Beauty in the Ruin
Adam Klein - Western Tales & Trails
Adam Levy - Washing Day.
Adam Marshall - The Last Marshall
Adam Puddington - for the meantime
a decade of Country Company - Turn Me On
Adeniji - Village Square
Agua Loca - Agua Loca
Alabama - Songs of Inspiration
Alana Levandoski - Unsettled Down
Albert Lee - Road Runner
Alby Pool - You Can't Walk This Road Alone
Alf Hale - Everyone Wants You To Fall
Alex Watt - Wondow Down
Alison Krauss and the Cox Family - I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
Alistain C Jones - A Different Story
Allen Frizzell - A little bit of Lefty left in me x
Allie C. and Smiley Roberts - Best of Enemies... Worst of Friends
Allison Janisse - Come Dance With Me
Allison Janisse - Journey A Special Edition
Allison Joy Williams - blonde Hair Blues
Allison Owsley - Strong Enough
Allison Moorer - The Duel
Amazing Routes - You've Got A Dream To Catch
Amber Rhodes - Goodbye Yesterday x
Ambrogio Gaigher - O Rei da Guitarra Havaiana 4
Ambrogio Gaigher - O Rei da Guitarra Havaiana 5
Amy Beth - Quenn Of Kings
An Appalachian Musical Revial - Live at the Ringgold Depot
Andice Crain - Gettin Ready (Single)
André Camilleri & The Broken Hearts - One Fine Day
Andre Comeau Band -
Andrew Dean - Wide Open Dreams
Andrew Gorwell's - Country Blues Review
Andy Martin - Honky Tonk Downstairs
Angela Siracusa - Drwan To The Flame
Angelica Grim - Look for Me
Angie Stevens - Quenn oOf This Mess
Anita Cochran - Serenity
Ann Blair - Wanted You To Know
Anna Marie Burden - Gods Gifts and our Treasures
Anne Murray - Duets friends & legends
Annie Sims - Half The Moon
Ann-Marita - Ann-Marita x
Ann-Marita - Intuition
Ann Wilson - Hope & Glory
Ansel Brown - Mine's Bigger
April Taylor - I Wanna Live Like That 3
Apryl Murray - cookie jar (Single)
Argelis - Prescience
Arty 'N' The Wolves -
Ashford & Simpson with Maya Angelou - Been Found
Ash Ganley & The Lyons Rock Council - Dark Fuel
Ashley Jay - Only When
Ashley Monroe - Satisfied
Ashley Robertson - Ashely Robertson x
Astrella Celeste - Blue Star
Audie Blaylock and Redline - Audie Blaylock and Redline
Audrey - The Fallon
Audrey Auld Mezera - Lost Men And Angry Girls
Audrey Auld Mezera - Texas
Autorickshaw - So the Journey Goes
Baddogs - Sit ! Stay !
Band of Writers - The Lights of Christmas
Barnard & Brohm - And Then Some
Bar Cuba - Bar Cuba
Bark Blackie and the Rodeo Kings - Let's Frolig
Barry P.Foley - Daddy Was A Factory Man x
Barry Ward - Joy Sweet Joy
Bebo Whitehead - Someone In The Next Town
Becca - Becca
Becky Schlegel - Dandelion
Becky Schlegel - For All The World To See
Ben Peters - Songs by Ben Peters (2 CD's)
Ben Reno - forever young
Ben Wild and the Wild Band - Pop'n' Roll
Bering Strait - Bering Strait
Bering Strait - Pages
Bert Cattoni - Destiny
Bert Cattoni - I Still Want You
Beth Stevens & Edge - Strong Enough
Big Al Downing - One Of A Kind
Big Bob Young - Hard Way to Make A Dollar x
Big Bus Dream -
Big Bus Dream - The Jesters Of Xmas Town
Big City Indians - Native Heart Urban Soul
Big Jeff Bess - Tennessee Home Brew
Big Kenny - The Quiet Times Of A Rock And Roll Farm Boy
Big & Rich - Between Raising Hell And Amazing Grace
Big & Rich - Comin' To Your City
Bill Burnette - Are You With Me Baby
Bill Chambers - Sleeping With The Blues
Bill Durham - I've Got The Song
Bill Emerson and Sweet Dixie - Southern
Bill Harris - Bill Harris
Bill Monroe - RCA Country Legends Bill Monroe
Billy Currington - Billy Currington
Billy Dean - Let Them Be Little
Billy Don Burns - Heroes, Friends & Other Troubled Souls
Billy G.Camp - Don't Stop The Carnival
Billy Gilman - Music Through Heartsongs
Billy Ray Cyrus - Home At Last x
Billy Walker - Thank You, Thank You Very Much
Bitch N Brown -
B.J.Locklin - Roots
Blaine Larsen - Rockin' You Tonight
Blake Shelton - Pure Bs Deluxe edition
Blayne Mayard - Just passing Thru
Blue Beat & The Tumblin Donkeys - Fingers In The Pie
Blue Beat & The Tumblin Donkeys - The Long Run
Blue County - Blue County
Blueganu - Running With The Herd
Blue Mountain - Omnibus
Bobbe Seymour - As Time Goes By x
Bobbe Seymour - At The Feet Of God
Bobbe Seymour - Bobbe Seymour's Master Collection x
Bobbe Seymour - Live x
Bobbe Seymour - Live At Loco Lupe's x
Bobbe Seymour - Master Collection
Bobbe Seymour - No Pedalers Allowed x
Bobbe Seymour - Priceless x
Bobbe Seymour - Price-less II ! x
Bobbe Seymour - Rhythmatic x
Bobbe Seymour - Soulful Steel
Bobbe Seymour - Steel Guitar Classics x
Bobbe Seymour - The Bobbe seymour Legal Defense Fund CD
Bobby Atkins - Branded by Her Love
Bobby Atkins - The Heart and Soul of Country Music
Bobby Atkins - We Do It for You / It Wouldn't Be The Same
Bobby Atkins, Mark Atkins - Not Just Bluegrass
Bobby Atkins & The Countrymen - Bluegrass And More
Bobby Atkins, Mark Atkins and Robin Renee - Country Classics
Bobby Atkins & Mark Atkins and the Countrymen - Bluegrass Our Way
Bobby Atkins, Mark Atkins and the Countrymen - In His Arms I'M Not Afraid
Bobby Atkins, Mark Atkins and the Countrymen - Memories
Bobby Atkins, Mark Atkins & the Countrymen - Vinyl Classics
Bobby & Mark Atkins / The True Brothers - Back To Back
Bobby Atkins, Robin Renee & The Countrymen - Lead Me On
Bobby Flores - Direct From Blanco Country
Bobby Flores - Eleven Roses
Bobby Flores - Just For The Record
Bobby Pinson - Man Like Me
Bobby Thompson - Thompson Picks
Bob Harris - Relentless !
Bob McClure - Bob McClure
Bob McClure - Follow Me
Bob McClure - Walking Down Ninety-nine
Bob Norman - First Of All
Bob Pigott - Central Avenue
Bob Style - Countryfird !
Bob Whitelock - This Time Love's For Real
bOydestiNy - Modern Times
Boyz II Men - Cooleyhighharmony Expanded Edition (2CD's)
BR549 - Big Backyard Beat Show
BR549 - Tangled In The Pines
Brad Jackson - Forever Begins Today
Brad Paisley - 5th Gear
Brad Paisley - Play
Brad Cotter - Advance Sample
Brad Cotter - Right On Time
Brandon Rickman - Young Man, Old Soul
Brandon Rhyder - Conviction
Brandon Wolff - Touch Job
Brenda Jean - Joe Pye Weed
Brenda Lee - Gospel Duets With Tresured Friends
Brendon James Wright - And The Wrongs
Brent Bennett & Rob York - Under My Own Power
Brent Bennett & Rob York - Crossing the Country
Brent Moyer - Global Cowboy
Brent Moyer - Gypsy Rendezvous
Brett Hill - x
Brett Hill - April (Single) x
Brett Hill - He's Still The Same (Single)
Brett Hill - Heart Of A Believer (Single) x
Brett Hill - Take Me Back in Time x
Brett Hill - The Truth of it all x
Briana Lynn - Hardyman
Brian Bender and Little Shop Of horas - Eyn Velt
Brian Bender and The World Beatniks - Urban Jungle
Brian Elkington - A Mark In Time
Brian Lindsay - Esperanza
Brian McComas - AllComes Floodin' Down
Brian McDade - Love Bayou
Brigitte London - Like A Phoenix
Brinn Black - Places She's Never Been
Brittini Black - Good Happens x
BRJ52 - Love Themes
Brooks & Dunn - Cowboy Town
Bruce Molsky - Soon Be Time
Bruce Robison - His Greatest
Bruce Robison - The New World
Bryan Clark - Gossip Inspiration and Slander (1 Acoustic CD, 1 Electric CD)
Bryan Cole - Wide Open Road
Bryan White - My Christmas Project
Bryan White - Out Oh The Strom
Buck & Deanne - Demons Passed
Buck Howdy - Skidaddle !
Bucky Covington - Bucky Covington
Bucky Covington - A Different World
Buck T.Edwards - If You Don't Get It By Midnite... x
Buddy Lewis - Honky Tonk Singer
Buford Lope - Too Young To Be Old
Buick Audra - Singer x
Burgandy Brown - My Lucky 13
Burrito Deluxe - Disciples Of The Truth
Caesar and The DeLei'ed Parrots - Caribbean Craving
Candice Crain - Candice Crain
Candy Sue - Candy Sue
Cara Matthew - Make You Feel My Love
Cardets & friends - homeless
Carla Herrod - ten years in 5
Carolann Ames - So Long Abilene
Carolina Åkerlind - Love Me
Carolina Rain - Weather The Storm
Carolyn Dawn Johnson - Love & Negotiation
Carolyn Dawn Johnson - Room with A View
Carol Lyne - Carol Lyne x
Carrie Elkin - The Jeopardy of Circumstance
Carrie Hassler & Hard Rain - CHHR2
Carrie Underwood - Carnival Ride
Carrie Underwood - Some Hearts
Casablanca Ramblers - The Best of Casablanca Ramblers x
Case 150 - Twang Pop
Casey Driessen - 3D
Casey Driscoll - Texas Style Fiddling
Casey Jamerson - I Miss You Already
Casino Steel - There's A Tear In My Beer
Cassey Young -
Cassey Young - Better Off Now
Cathy-Anne McClintock -
Cathy Richardson Band - The Road To Bliss
Centreville - Counting Losses
Cerrito - They Know You're Gone x
Chalee Tennison - Parading In The Rain
Champagne Tastes, Lemonade Pockts - They Walk Among Us
Change of Key - Home Is where My Heart Is
Charley Pride - The Essential Charley Pride
Charlie Bishop - Amarillo Gypsy
Charlie Rich - The Ballads of Charlie Rich
Charlie Robison - Good Times
Charlie Robison - Live
Charlotte - The Fall
CASHnCHECKS - One More Night
Chek Rippee - It's Happenin'
Cher - Believe
Cheryl Peach - American Salute
Chet Atkins and Les Paul - Chester & Lester
Chickenfoot -
Chill'n' Vibes - Outlaw Trance Vol. 2
Chiemsee Cowboys - Trip To L.A.
Chris Bradley - At The Outpost
Chris Campbell - The Many Sides of Chris Campbell
Chris Cotton - I watched The Devil Die
Chris Young -
Chris Mercer - Whispess of His Grace
Chrissie Lang - American Dreams x
Chris Ricketts & Mark Willshire - Simple Folk
Chris Smither - Leave The Light On
Christian Maucéry - Correspondance
Christie Lynn - Christie Lynn sings Country - Gospel - Bluegrass
Christy Clayton - Devil's Paradise
Christy Moore - Listen
Christy Moore - Live in Dublin 2006
Christy Sutherland - You Call Me Yours
Christy Sutherland - You Can Get There From Here
Chuck Crowe - Another Nevermore
Chuck and Percy Simms - The Day Liberty Cried
Chuck Pyle - Affected By The Moon
Cindy Lane Adams - Gramma's Waltz
Cindy Lu - Two Sides x
Citizens Band Radio -
Clarence Mason - You And The Truth
Clay Canfield - The Comanche Session
Clay Dustin - The Good Lord Loves You x
Clay Walker - Fall
Clear Blue 22 - Wild in the west
Cledus T.Judd - Boogity Boogity
Clint Black - Drinkin' Songs & Other Logic x
Clint Black - The Love Songs x
Clint Clymer - It's all about The Ride
Coebett/Chrisman/Tice - Corbett/Chrisman/Tice
Coldwater Canyon Band - Just Gettin Started
Cole Deggs & The Lonesome - Cole Deggs & The Lonesome
Cole Mitchell - Invictus
Cole Mitchell - Primordial Reckoning
Colin Hay - Are You Lookin' At Me !
Collin Raye - Selected Hits
Collin Raye - Twenty Years And Change
Company Tome - Aces High
Connie Kis Andersen - Once Again x
Connor Christian & Southern Gothic - 90 Proof Lullabies
Conway Twitty - Final Touches x
Conway Twitty - Greatest Hit Volume III x
Conway Twitty - Still In Your Dreams x
Copper Box - In The Summertime
Copper Box - Need a Little Squeezin'
Cornel West - Never Forget: A Journey of Revelations
Cornell Fields - Songs of Refreshing: sounds for Meditation
Cortez Del Mar - You Did This To Yourself
Count Gabba - The Lady'sGone. The Song Remains
Country Delight - Home To you
Country-Sisters - Live
Country Stars - You're In My Dreams
Cory Danyluk & Sarah Card - Jaybird
Cowboy Copas - Settin' Flat On Ready
Cowboy Joe & The Babcocks - Ridin' West
Cowboy-Lone - Best of old Country #1#
Cowboy-Lone - Best of old Country #2#
Cowboy-Lone - Only My Song's
Craig Morgan - I Love It
Craig Morgan - Little Bit of Life
Craig Morgan - My Kind Of Livin'
Craig Morgan - That's What I Love About Sunday
Craig Morgan - That's Why
Crea - Country Classics
Crispian St.Peters and Old Crow - Night Sessions Vol.1
Crooked Still - Still Crooked
Cross Canadian Ragweed - Back To Tulsa
Crossfire - Strong Enough !
Crowe Brothers - Brothers *N* Harmony
Crystalairs - Die Ganze Welt
Crystal Gayle - Greatest Hits x
Crystal Gayle - Live ! An Evening with Crystal Gayle
Crystal Gayle - No Stone Unturned
Crystal Shawanda - Dawn Of A New Day
Curtis Potter - Walking On New Grass
Cyndi Harvell - The Night Turned to Song
Cynthia Basinet - Uncovered
Dagmar - Du hast mich ....wachgeküsst
Dagmar and the Seductones - Little Bitta Love
Dale Ann Bradley - Catch Tomorrow
Dale Ann Bradley - Don't Turn Your Back
Dale Everett - Grangs Hall Testimony x
Dallas Wayne - I'm Your Bigest Fan
Dallas Wayne - Invisible Man
Daniel Lee Martin - On My Way To You
Daniel Smith - American Made
Daniel Smith - Livin' The Good Life x
Daniel Smith - The EP
Daniel Smith - What U See Is What U Get
Danny Paisley and the Southern Grass - The room Over Mine
Dan Reeder - Dan Reeder
Dan Stewart - Dan Stewart
Dan Tyminski - Wheels
Dan Wallace - Feel Me x
Dan Wallace - Guardian Angel
Dan Wallace and the Ain,t Nothin Band - Dan Wallace and the Ain,t Nothin Band
Dan Wallace and the Ain,t Nothin Band - Gods, Love - 12-28-08
Dao Strom - Everything That Blooms Wreeks Me
Darren Colston - Come By Chance
Darren Kozelsky - Arrivals & Departures CRS 2009 x
Darrin Allen - The Cowboy Way
Dave Arcari - CD Sampler & Electronic Press Kit
Dave Arcari - Come With Me...
Dave Arcari - Got Me Electric
Dave Caley - It's A Long Way Back
Dave Gunning - We're All Leaving
Dave Moody - Right Where I Belong
Dave Prior - Barbed Wire Fences
Dave Reynolds - Songs of Australia
David A Gilmour - The Sands of Berrow (and other places)
David Church - A Legend Froze In Time
David Church - There You Are
David Church featering Terri Lisa - Custom Made
David Frizzell - 2001
David Frizzell - Confidentially
David Frizzell - Water Makes Her Clothes Stay On
David Grisman Quintet - Dawg's Groove
David McLachlan - Can't Close A Blind Eye
David Nelson Ostrosser - Second Hand Store
David Parmley & Continental Divide - Three Silver Dollars
David Rodriguez - Proud Heart
David Waddell & Hellbound Train - Lone Star Over Texas
DBL - Sweet Pick'd For Freshness
Dede Wyland - Keep the Light On
Deadwood - Music From The HBO Original Series
Dean - Chicali
Dean Brody - Brothers (Single) x
Dean Brody - Introducing x
Dean Carter - I'm Just A Girl
Dean Carter - The Chain
Dean Holmen - True To Life
Dean Milano - Songs About Stuff
Dean Station - Dean Station
Dean Wolf - My Blue Angel
DeAnne Moore - Never Too Late x
Debbie White - Flame Of Love
Debby Boone - Surrender / Choose Life (Doppelpack v. 2Alben)
Dee Dee Downs - Riding On A Wing And A Prayer
Delana Stevens - Welcome To My World
Delbert McClinton - Best Of Delbert McClinton
Derek Sholl - Here x
Derek Sholl - Just Because You Can (Single)
Desert Radio - Asleep At The Wheel
DeSoto Rust - Highway Gothic
Diamond Doug - 15 Songs For The Holidays
Diamond Rio - Diamond Rio
Diamond Rio - Completely
Diamond Rio - I V
Diamond Rio - One More Day
Diamond Rio - The Star Still Shines x
Diamond Rio - Unbelievable
Diana Ross - Touch Me in the Morning Expanded Edition (2CD's)
Di Anne ! - Tainted Rose
die autos - safari
Die Siebziger - Mein Vater war Bergmann (Bergarbeiterlieder)
Di Evantile - Inertia
Direction - Country Line Junction
Dirk Daniels - Freiheit
Dolly Parton - 9 to 5 And Odd Jobs
Dolly Parton - All I Can and New Harvest... First Gathering
Dolly Parton - Artist Collection
Dolly Parton - Burlap & Satin and Real Love
Dolly Parton - Great Balls of Fire and Dolly Dolly Dolly
Dolly Parton - Jolene
Dolly Parton - RCA Country Legends
Dolly Parton - The Essential Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton - The Very Best of Dolly Praton
Dolly Parton - Those Were The Days
Donna Beasley - Good Samaritan
Donnie Lowell - The Roots, The Journey, The Music of Donnie Lowell
Donald Fuller - The Texas Twister
Donovan Chapman - All I Need
Donovan Chapman - House Like That
Don Williams - My Heart To You
Doop & The Inside Outlaws - Blood River
Doreen Brown - Should I Cross The Line
Doris Ackermann - When I Come Back Home
Dottie West - RCA Country Legends Dottie West
Doug Adkins - Whiskey Salesman
Doug Adkins & One More Ride - A Losin' Soul
Doug Moreland - Doug Moreland
D'Ramirez - The Day Will Come
Drew Emmitt - Across The Bridge
Druha Trava - Good Morning Friend
Duck and Cover - The Pasadena Recordings
Duo + by Ian Macpherson - Standard
Duncan Earl Walters - Guardian
Duncan Ferguson - The Right Side Of Lonesome
Dustin Lee - On My Way Back Home
Dutty Devioso - Up The Ante
Dwight Whitley - Brotherly Love
Dwight Whitley - Nothin' But A Woman
Dwight Yoakam - Population: Me
Earthwood Family - Immer nach vorn...
Ed Bentley - Who Needs Jamaica ?
Ed Dailey - My Legends of Country
Eddy Arnold - After All These Years
Eddy Arnold - Looking Back
Eddy Raven - Live In Concert
Eddy Raven - Living in Black and White
Ed Maly - Best Kept Secrets
Eileen Carey - Hearts Of Time
El Chón - Rage
Elena Yeung - The Gravedigger's Daughter
Elizabeth Cook - Sometimes It Takes Balls To Be A Woman
Elizabeth Lee - Longhorns & Chinamen
Elkington & Mohs - Winter Wine x
Elliott Caine Quintet - Blues from Mars
Ellis Paul - The Day After Everything Changed
Emily Burridge - Footsteps in the Sand x
Emily Portman - Singing Her Favorite Hits Of Loretta Lynn x
Emma Mae - With You
Emma Mae Jacob - What If We Fly
Emerson Drive - Emerson Drive
Endi Pol - Belki Yes ! Belki No !
Ensemble Al-Asdeka - Ensemble Al.Asdeka x
Eric Durrance - Angels Fly Away
Eric Heatherly - Sometimes It's Just Your Time
Eric Siegel & Liam Warfield - Joshua Moses' Din And Danger
Ernie Oldfield - I Got What I Am
Ernie Oldfield - Never Change A Winning Team, Visit A Man, Stay (Single)
Ernie Thacker - The Hangman
Essntial Bluegrass - Bluegrass Gospel
Esther - The Place Where We Are
Esther Nicholson - Child Above The Sun
Eugene Bridges - Hideaway
Eugene Marlow - Wonderful Discovery
Everett Corbin - If Kisses Could Talk
Everlasting - The Best Of Carl Carlton
Ewa and Kent Thelenius - Southern Country-Rock
Ewa and Kent Thelenius - American Heroes
Fairplay - Country mit Cöpfchen
Faith Hill - The Hits
Faith Hill - Mississippi Girl
Fazal Prendergast - Shadows In The Storm
Fernand Casas - Live in Rome, Italy
Fernand Casas - The Best
Finnigan Bros. - Sessions 1990-92
Floyd Flowers - I Ain't Much But I'm All I Got
Flynnville Train - Flynnville Train
Flynnville Train - Last Good Time
Forest Wayne Allen - On the Outskirts of Nowhere
forty5south - We're Country So We Can
Frank Burton - Let's Dream Together
Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers - Rock
Frank James - All Over Again ...
Frank Wakefield - Ownself Blues
Fred Ape & Rudi Mika - Cowboys dürfen das ...
Free Country - Rocky Top
Frizzell & Friends - "This Is Our Time" CD & DVD x
Gail Davies - Greatest Hits
Gail Davies and friends - Live and Unplugged
Gareth McGurgan - No More Time To Waste
Gary Allan - See If I Care
Gary Allan - Tough All Over
Gary Ferguson and Friends - Live at Podunk
Gary Gene Bolton - You Don't Know Me
Gary Mule Deer with The Rock and Cover Band -
Gary Raykin - . . . The long journey
Gary Seiler - He's Finally Living
Gary Seiler - Living Dreams
Gary Shearan - Two Buffalo
Gary Smith - Country Romance
Gemma Doyle - Nothing
Genre Peak - Preternatural
George Hamilton IV & McKenzie - Ice Road Truckers (Single)
George Jones - A Good Year For The Roses - The Complete Musior Recording 1965-1971 (Part 2) " 4 CD Box with LP-Size Book"
George Jones & Georgette Jones - You And Me And Time x
George McClure - Playboy Swing 2
George Royter - Time, Tears and Tales
George Sanford Jackson - Alright
Gerald Butler - The Butler . . . Did it
GG Gibson Tim Broadbent Band - Country
Giannetta Marconi - Put It Where You Want It (Choisis Moi)
Girls Guns and Glory - Inverted Valentine
Girls Next Door - How 'bout Us
Gladys Hardy - I Love Jesus, But I Drink A Little
Glenn Cummings - Big Apple Country
Glenn Williams - Something Old Something New
Glenn Williams The Ullbillies - Turkey In The Straw
Gold Heart - My Sisters And Me
Gordon Sheard - Crucible
Graham Scobie - Aussie Gospel Bloke
Grasstowne - The Road Headin' Home
Greg McDougal - The Work of a Carpenter
Greg Trooper - Make It Through This World
Gretchen Wilson - All Jacked Up (CD)
Gretchen Wilson - All Jacked Up (CD + DVD)
Gretchen Wilson - Here For The Party
Grey De Lisle - Iron Flowers
Grey De Lisle - The Graceful Ghost
Gringos Fate - My Chair
Hadassah - Black Riviera
Hadassah - Keep It To Yourself x
Haley Breedlove - This Is Me ! x
Hal Ketchum - Father Time
Hang Jones - The Ballad of Carlsbad Country
Hani Lauzon - Mixed Blessings
Hank III - Damn Right Rebel Proud
Hank Snow - Snow in Hawaii
Hank Snow - Snow on Christmas
Hank Snow - Snow On The Tracks
Hank Snow - Snow South Of The Border
Hank Snow - Under Western Skies
Hank Williams - Rockin' Chair Money
Hank Williams - Timeless
Hank Williams III - Straight To Hell
Hank Williams Jr. - I'm One Of You
Hank Williams Jr. - That's How They Do It In Dixie
Hank Williams Jr. - The Greatest Hits
Hank Thompson - A Six Pack To Go
Hannes & The Blue Vinyl Freaks - The Sun - Recordings and more...
Hans Theessink - Slow Train
Harley Card - Non-Fiction
Harley Cummings - Out Of The Shadows
Harold Rogers - Deep Into Texas Country
Hayden Thompson - Rock-A-Billy Gal The Sun Years, Plus
Hazard - What I Did In My Holidays
Heidi Newfield - What Am I Waiting For
Heinrich XIII and The Devilgrass Pickers - Devil Grass Country
Hellbilly Boys -
Hennessy Keane - Nowhere Fast
Henry Eye - Good Old Times
H.E.Pabst - Daddy's Songs
Hermann Lammers Meyer - 1961 - A Love Song x
Hermann Lammers Meyer - My Life In Song The Best Of ...
Hey Negarita - Burn The Whole Place Down A Real Live Acoustic Smoke Out
Hip Kitty - My Forgiveness
Hollies Brown -
Holly Williams - The Ones We Never Knew
Howie James - Don't Be Ashamed
Hudson Shad - Wand'rin' Stars
Hurricane Doyle -
Hussy Hicks - Life Plays Out
Iloyd Thayer - Birds
Imbett - Sei Still
Insolence - Audio War
J3 - Wise Men Still Seek Him
J.Willis - A Journey Through Love; True Emotions
Jack Cooke - Sittin' On Top Of The World
Jack Elliott - at Lansdowne Studios, London
Jackie Barnett - Natural
Jacques Mees - Walking the Maze
Jacqui Watson - Cocaine and Brandy Days
Jaime Beaver - Danger Zone
Jake Jacobsen - Finding Home
Jake Owen - Easy Does It
Jake Owen - Starin' With Me x
James Brown - The Singles Volume 6: 1969-1970 (Doppel-CD)
James Brown - The Singles Volume 7: 1970-1972 (Doppel-CD)
James Dunn - Lonely American Dream x
James Dunn - The Long Ride Home x
James King - Gardens In The Sky The Bluegrass Gospel Of James King
James Talley - Got Not Bread, No Milk, No Money, But We Sure Got A Lot Of Love ( 2CD's)
James Talley - Journey
James Talley - Nashville City Blues
James Talley - Touchstones
Jamestown Ferry - When The Bluebird Sings...
Jamey Johnson - The Dollar
Jason Aldean - Jason Aldean
Jason Aldean - Relentiess
Jason Aldean - Wide Open
Jason Matthews - That's What Mamas Do
Jason Meadows - 100% Cowboy x
Jason Michael Carroll - Waitin' In The Country
Jason Michael Carroll - Growing Up Is Getting Old
Jason Rogers -
Jayc Harold - Hard times
Jeanette Williams - Thank You For Caring
Jeff Bates - Rainbow Man
Jeff Batson - Everybody Wants To Be Love
Jeff Batson - On The Horizon
Jeff Carson - Jeff Carson
Jeff Griffith - If It Ain't One Thing It's Another x
Jeff Norwood - Awendaw x
Jeffrey Halford and the Healers - Broken Chord
Jeffrey Halford and the Healers - Railbirds
Jeff Wilkenson - Landscapes
Jen Elliott & Bluestruck - 8 Days Down
Jenna Wilson - Featuring "Double D" Danny Davis
Jennifer Brantley - Break Down
Jennifer Hanson - Jennifer Hanson
Jeremy Boz - The Pearl
Jeremy Wallace Trio - Suicide Suitcase
Jerrod Niemann - I Love Woman ( My Momma Can't Stand)
Jerry - Smile
Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls Of Fire
Jerry Lee Lewis and Friends - Duets
Jerry Reed - Still Live
Jesse McReynolds & Charles Whitstein - A Tribute To Brother Duets
Jessi Alexander - Honeysuckle Sweet
Jessica Andrews - Now
Jessica Phillips - featuring: John Permenter
Jessie Baker - Yessir !
Jett's Creek - Supposed To Be
Jett Williams - I'M So Lonesome I Could Cry
Jett Williams - You Are On My Lonely Mind
Jewel - Lullaby
Jim Eanes & Bobby Atkins - With an all star band
Jim Eanes, Bobby Atkins, Mark Atkins and the Countryman - The Good Ole Days
Jim Ford - Point Of No Return
Jimmie Rogers - RCA Country Legends
Jimmy Buffett - License to Chill
Jimmy Buffett - Take the weather with You
Jimmy Dean - The Best Of Jimmy Dean
Jimmy Donley - The Shape You Left Me In
Jim Reeves - The Essential Jim Reeves
Jim Rooney & Rooney's Irregulars - My Own Ignorant Way
JJ Baron - Brand New Stranger
Jo Anne Brown - Country My Way
Joan Osborne - Pretty Little Stranger
Jo Dee Messina - Delicious Surprise
Jo Dee Messina - I'm Alright
Jo Dee Messina - Greatest Hits
Joe Cocker - joe cocker!
Joe Diffie - The Essential Joe Diffie
Joe Gaeta & Cengiz Yaltkaya - Almost Real
Joe Navrath - Odds & Ends x
Joe Ross - Festival Time Again
Joey Daniels - Take Me Off The Marker
Joey + Rory - the Life of a Song
John Adam Murph - John Adam Murph x
John Arthur Martinez - Lone Starry Night x
John Arthur Martinez - Spinning Our Wheels x
John Di Battista - From the Heart
John Hartford - RCA Country Legends John Hartford
John Berry - A Woman Like You
John Berry - Hits
John Carter Cash - Bitter Harvest
John Eddie - Who The Hell Is John Eddie ?
Johnny Bernhard Band - No Problem
Johnny Cash - (Box with 2-CD's, 1-DVD)
Johnny Cash - 20 Essential Classics
Johnny Cash - American VI: Ain't No Grave
Johnny Cash - Artist's Choice
Johnny Cash - Greatest Hits / Finest Performances
Johnny Cash - Johnny Cash på Österåker
Johnny Cash - Rock Island Line / Hey Porter (2CD-Set)
Johnny Fung - Goin Down Mis'sippi
Johnny Horton - Take Me Like I Am
John Statz - An Evening Witz John Statz
John Statz - Our Love Was Made For Canada
John R.Hendley III - John Hendley's Songs x
Jolie Edwards - Livin' Proof
Jonalee White - Wake Me
Jon Byrd - Byrd's Auto Parts
Jon Dean Foster - Born Survivor
Joni Harms - After All
Jon Randall - Walking Among The Living
Jordan Doell - That's Me No More
Jordan Tice - Long Story
Josh Canning - Strong Enough
Josh Canova - Adios
Josh Gracin - We Weren't Crazy
Josh Turner - Everything is Fine x
Josh Turner - Your Man x
Judith Lynne - Judith Lynne
Judith Lynne - Becoming A Woman Again
Judy Kanyo - Not What I Had In Mind
Juke Joint Boogie - Country & Rockabilly Classics
Julianne Hough - That Song In My Head
Julian Dawson - Deep Rain
Julian Yeo - Unusual Passage
Julie Burton - Feel
Julie Ingram - Keep On Believin' x
Julie Ingram - Keep On Believin' + Bonus DVD x
Julie Roberts - Julie Roberts
Justin Evans - the owls & the hounds
Justin Tubb - Pepper Hot Baby
Kacey Jones - sings Mickey Newbury
Kadis - Folling Remixes
Kama Linden - Better Late Than Never x
Karen Lynne - Second Wind
Karen Lynne & Martin Louis - Blue Mmountain Rain
Karen M.Smith, David Snyder - Colors of the Wind
Karen Wheeler - A Ental Journey...
Karen Wheeler - Love Made
Karen Wheeler - Merry Christmas From Our House To Yours
Karen Wheeler - Special Delivery
Karen Wheeler - Where I Need To Be
Karen Wright - Full House
Karin Wright - Hunting A Dream
Karling Abbeygate -
Kasie Smith - Girl In A Hurry
Kassie DePaiva - I want To Love You
Kassie DePaiva - No Regrets
Kate Campbell - Sing Me Out
Kate Campbell - Songs From The Levee
Kate Campbell - The Portabel Kate Campbell
Kate Campbell with Spooner Oldham - For The Living Of These Days
Katey Laurel - Upstairs, Downstairs
Kathy Ashworth - Kathy Ashworth
Kathy Chiavola - Somehow
Katie Armiger - Katie Armiger
Katie Armiger - Believe
Katja Kaye - Alles Echt
Katja Kaye - Alles OK !
Katja Kaye - Der erste Kuss
Katja Kaye - For Mom
Katja Kaye - On My Way
Katja Kaye - Von Bangkok bis nach Singapur (Single)
Kat La Key - How Ya Like It ...
Katrina Elam - Katrina Elam
Katy Kiefer - Naked x
KAZ - King of the World
K.C.Williams - City Boy
K.C.Williams - House Husbands
K.C.Williams - So Far
K.C.Williams - Without A Doubt
Keith Anderson - C'mon!
Keith Anderson - Three Chord Country And American Rock & Roll
Keith Bradford and Friends - Songs Written by Roger Glenn Miller
Keith Bryant - Welcome To Love
Keith Marcum - Same Train
Keith Moody - The Only Ride You Can Get
Kellie Coffey - When You Lie Next To Me
Kellie Pickler -
Kelli Lidell - Just Kelli
Ken Maynard - Ken Maynard sings The Lone Star Trail
Kenny Butterill - Just A Songwriter
Kenny Butterill - No One You Know
Kenny Chesney - Greatest Hits II
Kenny Chesney - Just Who I Am Poets & Pirates
Kenny Chesney - lucky ols sun Deluxe Edition (2CD'S)
Kenny Harlan - Waiting For You x
Kevin Meisel - Country Lines
Kevin Montgomery - 2:30am
Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch & Fats Kaplin - Lost John Dean
Kieran Kane & Kevin Welch with Fats Kaplin - You Can't Save Everybody
Kimberley Dahme - Let's Sleep On It Tonight
Kimberley Dahme - You Barely Even Touched Me
Kimberley Locke - Based On A True Story
Kimberly Ann -
Kim Carson - Calle De Orleans
Kim Carson and the Casualties - Live at Tipitinas
Kim Richey - The Collection
Kirk Dillen - a Little at a Time
Kristina Cornell - Little Red Balloon
Kristin Scott Benson - Second Season
Kirsty Lee Akers - Better Days
Kristy Lee Cook - Why Wait
Kurt Nilsen - Rise To The Occasion
Kylie Hogan - Someone On Your Mind
Lamar Morris - Amnesia
Lance Miller - Back In The New School Album Advance
Lane 31 - Rough Tracks Volume I
Lane Brody - Pieces Of Life x
Lane Brody - That's Where Love Comes In x
Lantana - Unbridled
Larry Butler - Goodbye Comes Hard For Me
Larry Butler Willie Nelson - Memories of Hank Williams Sr. Volume 2
Larry Carlton - Greatest Hits Rerecorded Volume One
Larry Carlton - Live in Tokyo
Larry Gatlin and The Gatlin Brothers - Sing Their Family Gospel Favorites
Larry Rice - Little House x
Larry Schuba - Seelenwanderung x
Larry Schuba & Western Union - Das grosse Wunschkonzert live by request
Larry Sparks - 40
Larry Stephenson - Thankful
Larry Thomas and Stars 'n Bars - Waiting For The Riders
Las Fieras - Reinando El Juego
Laura Bryna - I Don't Have A Thing To Wear
Laura Bryna - Trying To Be Me
Laura Love - You Ain't Got No Easter Clothes
Lauren Field - Modern Woman
Lauren Lucas - The Carolina Kind
Leah Durelle - 9 Days In Nashville
LeAnn Rimes - Family
LeAnn Rimes - Greatest Hits
LeAnn Rimes - This Woman
Lee Ann Womack - Greatest Hits
Le Clou - Bayou Moon
Leland Martin -
Leon McAuliffe - Tulsa Straight Ahead
Les Faux - ethnique electrique
Lester Flatt - RCA Country Legends Lester Flatt
Lilly of the West -
Lilly of the West - Time After Time
Linda Davis - Some Things Are Meant To Be
Lionel Lodge & Rens Newland - The Rock Quartet Live in Vienna the covers CD
Little Big Town - The Road To Here x
Little Country Giants - Fists Of Foam And Fury
Little Muddy - Door 15
Little Rock - Little Rock
Little Texas - The Very Best Of Little Texas Live And Loud x
Lisa O'Kane - Am I Too Blue
Lisa Shaffer - Just One
Locash Cowboys - Locash Cowboys
Logan wells - Country Classics
Lolene - Lonely Dealin's
Lonesome River Band - No Turning Back
Longview - Deep In The Mountains
Lonnie Dale's - Vacaphobia
Lorenzo Bertocchini & The Apple Pirates - Uncertain, Texas
Lori McKenna - Bittertown
Lori McKenna - Unglamorous
Lorrie Morgan - Watch Me
Lost Immigrants - baptized - live from the hill country
Lou Reid & Carolina - My Own Set Of Rules
Lucie Diamond - I Wanna Be Rich x
Lucy Angel - A Girls Gotta Do What A Girls Gotta Do
Lydia Emily Claude Martin - Ten Thousand Miles
Lynn Bryant - Woman Enough
Lynne Taylor Donovan - Talk To Me
Mad, Bad & Jazzy 2 - Fun, Cool, Zany
Magali Fortin - Filles De Blues
Maggie Austin - Georgia Clay Road
Maggie Austin - Rain On A Tin Roof
Maggie Austin - Time & Again
Mal Gray - Louisiana Angel
Mandy Baker -
Mandy Strobel - The Way I Feel x
Marbert Rocel - catch a Bird
Marc Anthony - El Cantante
Marion Randell - Tell My Heart
Mark Bender - So wär' ich ohne Dich
Mark Chesnutt - Savin' The Honky Tonk
Mark Delaney - Sidecar
Mark Holt & Kimberlee Holt Tully - Acoustically Native
Mark Huff - Gravity
Mark Knopfler - The Trawlerman's Song EP
Mark Lemhouse - The Great American Yard Sale
Mark Lucas & The Dead Setters - Sideshow Alley
Mark Lucas & The Dead Setters - White Man Soul
Mark McGuinn - One Man's Crazy
Mark Merritt & Sievert Ahrend - Island Paradise
Mark Middler & Friends - Truck Stop U.S.A.
Mark Stuart And The Bastard Sons - Bend In The Road
Mark Wayne Glasmire - Life Goes On
Mark Wills - Hank
Marshall Madison - Real
Martha Scanlan - The West Was Burning
Marthia Sides - Born Again in Country
Marthia Sides - I Got Faith x
Martina McBride - Emotion x
Martina McBride - Live In Concert
Martina McBride - Martina
Martina McBride - Shine
Martina McBride - Waking Up Laughing
Martin Delray - What Kind Of Man
Marty Allen - Blue Church Road
Marty Raybon - Who Are You (Single)
Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives - Country Music
Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives - Country Music CD + DVD
Mary Black - Full Tide
Mary Chapin Carpenter - The Essential Mary Chapin Carpenter
Mary Chapin Carpenter - Time * *** * Love *
Mary Lee - Naturally x
Mary Lee - Rivers of Live x
Mary Lee - When I'm Good and Lonely x
Mary-Lou - Courrier Transatlantique
Mary Ott - From My Room
Mats Grönmark - Tape hiss, hit or miss and sometimes even bliss
Matthias Bublath -
Matthias Lies - Messages
Matt Masters - Centennial Swell
Matt Masters - Don Coyote
Matt Scullion - Put It Down To Experience
Maura O'Connell - Don't I Know
McKenzie - Down that road before (Single)
McKenzie - Walking on Steel
Mechanical Bull - A Million Yesterdays
Megan Munroe - One More Broken String
Megatrax - Megatrends Volume One
Melanie Dekker - Acoustic Ride x
Melanie Walker - The Old Time Way
Melody Dunn - Single Red Rose
Melonie Cannon - And The Wheels Turn
Merilyn Steele - This Passion
Merle Haggard - Unforgettable
Metamorfosis - Dororos Chrysikakos
Michael Clancey - A Hundred Second Chances
Michael Dean Church - Live It Out Loud
Michael English - Christmas
Michael English - The Prodigal Comes Homes
Michael Fix - Rewind
Micheal Jackson - History
Michael Jerome Browne and The Twin Rivers String Band -
Michael J Ramplin -
Michael J Ramplin - The Greatest Friend Of All
Michael Lee Austin - Labor Pains
Michael Lonestar - What's This Country Thing
Michael Martin Murphey - Buckaroo Blue Grass
Michael Peterson - Grave To The Cradle x
Michael Peterson - In Black
Michael Twitty - Debbie Don't Do Dallas Anymore
Michael & Tre Twitty - Three Generations
Michele Little - That'd Be Me
Michele Pillar - I Hear Angels Calling
Michelle Nixon - By Request
Michelle Phelps - Honey From A Thorn
Mike Aiken - Just Add Salt
Mike Bella - Lost in the Shuffle
Mike Bryant - If I Could Write A Song
Mike Coffey - Big Apple Country
Mike Dekle - Tributes
Mikel Knight - Saddle Up
Mikel Knight - The Country Rap King Mixtape x
Mike Lounibos - Planet California
Mike McGuire - Roses For The Moon
Mike O'Leary - Footprint
Mike Parrish - Rye Whiskey Why
Mike Runnels - Jukebox Boulevard
Mike Sikorsky - Close Enough To Touch
Mike Stevens & Raymond McLain - Old Time Mojo
Mike Westhues - Dumbflakes for Breakfast
Miller-Kelton - Goodbye Cindy
Mindy McCready - If I Don't Stay The Night
Mindy Smith - Long Island Shores
Miss Behavin' - First Offense
Mission Mountain Wood Band - Best Of Private Stash
Miss Leslie - Between the Whiskey and the Wine
Mollye Rees - Savannah To San Antone
Mona Faith - Amazing Grace
Mona Faith - Let's Go Back To New Orleans
Monique René - Awakened
Montgomery Gentry - Back When I Knew It All
Montgomery Gentry - Greatest Hits Something To Be Proud of
Moonshine Bandits - Divebars And Truckstops
Morgan Myles - Milestone
Mustang Sally - six Strings and a Honky Tonk
Mutual Admiration Society -
Myrol -
Myrol - Your Heart Is My Heart Too
Nadja Petrick - The Night With You
Nanci Griffith - The Complete MCA Studio Recordings
Nancy Mareen - Originals
Nancy Moore - These Are Real
Nashville Session Players - Who Would Jesus Bomb ?
Natalie Grant - Awaken
Natalie Grant - Relentless
Natalie Howard - Natalie Howard
Nate Leath - I've Always Been A Rambler
Nate Leath + Friends - Rockville Pike
Nate Sallie - Inside Out
Nate Sallie - Ruined For Ordinary
Neil w Young & The Legendary Bear Creek Band - No Looking Back x
New Found Road - Life in a Song
Nick Barraclough and the Burglars - Daylight Robbery
Nicol Sponberg - Resurrection
Nigel Clothier - Book of Days
Night Hawk -
Noah Earle - This Is The Jubilee
Nothin' Fancy - Lord Bless This House
Norb Payr - hiding place
Norton Money - Double EP
Old Man Pie - CD + book with lyrics
Otis Read - Turn a Page
Owen Temple - Two Thousand Miles x
Paige Stroman - Mother & Child
Pam Tillis - Rhinestoned x
Pap And The Sideman - Heads You Win
Pat Green - Cannonball
Pat Green - Lucky Ones
Pat Green - What I'm For
Pat O'Brian - Of Trains And Angels
Pat O'Brian - River Keep Risin'
Patrick Masse - Get There From Here
Patrick McAvinue - Grave Run
Patrick McAvinue - Ruthland's Reel
Pat Roden - Trouble Free
Pat Roden - Westwood International Records presents Pat Roden
Patti Davis & Bandit - Lonely Street
Patty Loveless - Dreamin' My Dreams
Patty Parker - Southwestern Serenade
Patuxent Partners - Seven or Eleven
Paul Alan Coons - The Ride of Life
Paula Hernandez - Just Another Day
Paul Ansell - Love Conquers All The Nashville Sessions
Paul Costa - Walkin' In These Shoes
Paul Donat - Rio Bossa
Paulette Carlson - It's About Time
Paul Hébert - les pauvres riches
Paul Mayor - The Project
Paul Mc Cormick - Pabio's Vineyard
Paul Stout - I Love My Life x
Penny Jo Pullus - My Barn Having Burned, I Can Now See The Moon
Peppertown - Firefly
Peppe Voltarelli - Disburg Nantes Praga Il Bootleg Live
Pete Berwick - Ain't No Train Outta Nashville
Pete Murray - See The Sun CD / DVD
Peter Myles - Breaking The Rules Euroversion
Pete Rose -
Pete Rose - Second Time Around
Pete Rose - Tell It To My Heart
Pete Schlegel - You Can't Bring Her Back
Petrella - countryversial
Petrella - Papa Did A Raindance
Phil Coley - Sports Songs and Beyond x
Phil Humphrey and the Fendermen - That was Then . . . That Is Now
Phil Poppa - What You See Is What You Get
Phil Vassar - American Child
Piano Red aka Dr.Feelgood - Rocks
Pierre Trefoux - J'ai Pris LA Route
Pinchitos Caliente - Pinchitos Caliente
Pinchitos Caliente - Aj Aj Ai
Pine Mountain Railroad - Alone With Forever
Pinmonkey -
Pinmonkey - Big Shiny Cars
Pistol Pete's Dinosaur Truckers - Down This Road
Pistol Pete & the Dixieland Highgrass Band - Songs For Homefolks
Plumb - Blink
Politically Erect - Condom Nation
Poodle Lynn and the Backstage Band - Don't Keep This Lady Waiting
Porter Hall Tennessee - All Sinners Welcome Here !
Porter Wagoner - Wagonmaster
Poverty Neck Hillbillies - Don't Look Back Live Concert
Prescott - Lakeside Sessions
Prophet & The Cowboys Of Apocalypse - The Edge
Pure Grain - Out of the Storm
Qua Ti Si - Buffalo
Rachel Proctor - Me And Emily
Rachel Proctor - Only Lonely Girl
Rachel Proctor - Where I Belong
Rachel Williams -
Railroad Earth - The Good Life
Ralphie May - Girth Of a Nation
Ralph Parker - A High Price for Low Livin' x
Ralph Stanley II - Carrying On
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - A Stranger Here
Rancho Deluxe -
Randy Kohrs - Old Photograph
Randy Kohrs - Quicksand
Randy Owen - One On One
Randy Thompson - Further On
Randy Thompson - That's Not Me
Randy Travis - Around The Bend
Range Heroes - Here we go
Raquel Aurilia - Holding on to Love
Rayburn Anthony - My Baby's Car Crazy
Ray Burton - Blu-Azz
Ray Montford - A Fragile Balance
Ray Scott - My Kind of Music
Ray Smith - Rockin' Little Angel
Razzor Dixxon -
R.B.Stone - Country Rocker
Rebecca Linda Smith Renewed - Hope x
Rebecca Linda Smith Renewed - Jesus Grace x
Rebecca Rippy - Telling Stories
Reckless Johnny Wales - It's Not About The Money
Red Steagall - Here We Go Again
Reinventing The Wheel - Asleep At The wheel
Renee Di Rue -
René Evald - Copenhagen Time
Ren & T - I Am The Bounty Unleashed
Reunion - Bettie says "Mooh"
R.G.Stark - Not Crazy Tonight
Rhonda Towns - I Wanna Be Loved By You x
Richard Craine - The Essence Of My Life
Richard Dobson - Back At The Red Shack
Richard Dobson - From A Distant Shore
Richard Dobson - On Thistledown Wind
Richard McDonald - If Every Day Could Be Christmas
Richard Murray - Desert Wind
Richie & The Rocketdogs - Manic Heart
Richie Arndt & The Bluenatics - Voodoo
Rick Caballo - Love Retaliation
Rick Sharp - Hello, I'm Rick Sharp
Rick Sharp - My Tribute To Waylon
Rick Sharp - Rick & Ol' Waylon Still Play On x
Rick Trevino - Whole Town Blue
Ricky Dean Morgan - Country Country
Ricky Dean Morgan - Ricky
Ricky Skaggs - Waitin' For The Sun To Shine / Highways & Heartaches
Ricochet - The Live Album
Riley Baugus - Long Steel Rail
Riley Siebert - Ain't Got Time For That
Ring Of Fire - Walk The Line
Rio Rocko - Rio Rocko
Rise - Posing as Human
Rise - Uncertain Wonders
Rissi Palmer -
Rissi Palmer - Advance Music
Rita Mac Neil - Songs My Mother Loved
River Rouge - Dark Horse Running
Road Side - In The Past
Road Side - ...take one
Robb Bledsoe - Ringo Ford
Rob Blackledge - Inside These Walls
Robert Allen - Something To Remember Me By
Robert Bacon - Seeing Someone New
Robert Bo McGuire - The Promise
Robert Wiersma - Times On Hold
Rob Heath - Couple Of Times Round The Sun
Robin Dean Salmon - Coming On Home
Robin Dean Salmon - Gasoline
Robin Deeter - Heart To Heart
Robinella and the CC Stringband -
Robin English - Robin English
Robin Hawkins - It's My Time ! x
Rob McNurlin - Buffalo Skinners
Rod Dowsett - Dodging Bullets
Rodney Atkins - If You're Going Through Hell
Rodney Crowell - The Essential Rodney Crowell
Rodney Crowell - The Houston Kid
Rodney Redman -
Rodrigo Haddad - Ten Years And More To Come
Roger Knott - Dust And Promises
Roger Knott - Step Out Into The Sun
Ron Davis - Where Does The Time Go
Ronnie Hawkins - Ronnie Rocks
Ronnie Masters - A Country Afternoon
Ronnie Masters - More Precious Than Life
Rosanne Cash - Black Cadillac
Rosanne Cash - Interiors
Rosanne Cash - King's Record Shop
Rosanne Cash - Seven Year Ache
Rose Carleo -
Roses Wild - Up On This Mountain
Round Up Company - Live (Millennium Tour)
Roy Acuff - Greatest Hits
Roy Lee Johnson - When A Guitar Plays The Blues
Roy Schmeck and the Schmeck-Tones - Bootleg
Rubber Duck - New Beginning
Ruby James - Desert Rose
Ruby James - The Austin Sessions
Russ Woolen - Honky Tonk Hard (Single)
Sable - If I Fell x
Sable - Subconscious x
Sarah Blackwood - Wasting Time
Sarah Darling - Eyery Monday Morning
Sam Baker - cotton
Sam Bush - King Of My World
SamNeely -
Sam Neely - Son Of The South
Sammy Sadler - Hard On A Heart
Samuel Wesly - I'm A Pretender
Sandra Lee Burdick - I Believe In Miracles
Sandy Kastel - This Time Around
Sara Evans - Born To Fly
Sara Evans - Greatest Hits x
Sara Evans - Real Fine Place
Sara Evans - Restless
Sarah Buxton - Advance Album Music
Sarah Buxton - Innocence
Sarah Gayle Taylor - I Miss Us
Sarah Harmer - I'm a Mountain
Sarah Johns - Big Love In A Small Town
Sarah McMonagle -
Savannah - Savannah
Schwesterherz - Kommst Du Damit Klar ? x
Schwesterherz - Zarte Bande x
Scott Dawson - Many Years From Now
Scott Dubose - Scott Dubose and the 101 Ranch
Scott Gibson - Make Ready
Scott Miller & The Commonwealth - Citation
Sean Lackey - Genuine Leather
Sean Kristopher - Lil Things
Sean Watkins - Blinders On
Selah - Bless the Broken Road The Duets Album
Shadric Smith and The Billy Buffalo Band -
Shan Arsenault - Below Sea Level
Shane Wyatt - The Last Cowboy
Shania Twain - Up !
Shannah - Don't Move
Shannon Brown - Corn Fed
Shasta - No More Smoking
Shawna Russell - Goddess x
Shawn Michael Perry & Only The Brave -
Shaza Leigh - Strength Within
Shedaisy - Sweet Right Here
Shelly Fairchild - Ride
Shelly Rann - Acoustic Heart x
Shelly Rann - a place called perfect x
Sheri Porter - Beautiful World
Sherrié Austin - Followin' A Feelin'
Sherry Lynn - It's A Woman Thing
Sheryl Crow - Wildflower
Shimeon - Masquerade
Shon Branham - Clearly Country
Shooter Jennings And The .357's - Live At Irving Plaza 4.18.06
Shylo Country - Pocketful of Dreams
Sierra Hull - Secrets
Silver Saddle - Four Miles From Here
Silver Saddle - Northern Skyline
Silverwood - Crazy little Love Song (Single) x
Silverwood - My Side of Town
Simply JP - A Guy Like That x
Siri Svegler - Silent Viewer
Skeeter Davis - RCA Country Legends Skeeter Davis
Ski's Country Trash - Welcome to Trash-Valley
Skyla Spencer - You Said You'd Call Me
Sleepy Driver - Steady Now
Slow Horses - Move On
SmithB - From One Heartache To The Next
Smoke Stack Lightnin' - Modern Twang
Smoke Stack Lightnin', The Seat Sniffers - Road Masters
Smoky Weston - Countrysound & Autobahn x
Solid Air - Local Color
Song Dogs - Hometown Queens & Busstops
Song Dogs - Restless no More
Sophie Berkal-Sarbit - The Gypsy in My Soul
Southern Skyline - No Number On The seat
Souzz featuring Linnet - Language of their own
Sovereign - Wild One
Special Consensus - Signs
Springfield (Bluegrass Band) - cross over
Stan Bozek - Solo
Steelcox - Voleur De Femmes
Steffen Schackinger - Electri Guitartistry
Stella - Appalachian Gospel
Stella - Favorites, Vol. 2 x
Stella Parton - Anthology x
Stephanie Tucker Little - When Sea Shells Dance
Stephanie Williams - Real Fire
Stephan Remmler - Einer Muss Der Beste sein (ich Ich Ich)
Stephen Cochran - Stephen Cochran x
Stephen Farquhar - Better Late Than Never
Steve Back, Ken Dravis - The High Road
Steve Haggard - Love Conquers All
Steve Holy - Brand New Girlfriend
Steve Martin - The Crow
Steve Richard - Advance Release
Steve Wariner -
Steve Wariner - Steal Another Day
Stone Crazy Blues Band - Microstoned
Sultans of String - Luna
Susan Hickman -
Susan Kent - Augenblicke
Suzanna Spring - She's Got your Heart
Sylkie Monoff - Genuine
Sylvester and the Hot Band - The Blue Thumb Collection
T. Graham Brown - The Present
T.Jae Christian - Old Porch Swing
T.Jae Christian - Marriage On The Rocks (and Other Bad Heartaches)
T.Jae Christian - Put Me Down Easy Lord x
T.Jae Christian - The Vanishing Breed x
Tabatha & Southern Fryd - A Void Heat And Flame
Tad Marks - Callin' In The Dogs
Tammy Cochran - Where I Am
Tammy Wynette - Stand By Your Man The Best Of Tammy Wynette
Tanya Dennis - Apartment #9
Tanya Dennis - Waterdance
Tatiana Hargreaves - Started Out To Ramble
Tattoo Billy - "American Shakespeare" x
Tattoo Billy - Ghost Of The Outlaws
TaVeren - Streeterville Music Group x
Tavson Brothers - Time Changes Everything
Taylor Ware - America's Yodeling Sweetheart x
Teddy Berge - Do I Dare
Ted Key And The Human Voice - Madolescent St.
Teeter Gray - Blue Love
Templeton Thompson - Girls & Horses
Teresa - Brave New Girls
Terri Hendrix - The Spiritual Kind
Terry Allen - Juarez
Texacala Jones - Her T.J.Hookers
Texacala Jones - Spider Baby (Single)
Tex Beaumont - Rose Tattoo
Tex Robinson - Colors Of Life
The Alf Hale Band - Rain Like Duamonds
The Babcocks - Journey

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