20 Brown Rattan Ball String Party,Patio,Wedding Lights

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Bitte lesen Sie das Produkt an meiner web: http:/www.lighthandmade.com
Email: lighthandmade@yahoo. com
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What you get
  • Bulbs: 20
  • Wire length: 3M
  • Style: Rattan Ball>
  • Colour: Brown
  • Size of Ball : 7cm wide
  • Approx spacing of Lights : 14cms
  • Manufacture: Hand made in Thailand
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors with caution.
  • Compatibility: We will automatically supply adapters and plugs specific to your region. Europe 2 pin / UK 3 pin / Oz 3pin / USA Canada No adapter required. We Also know to send you 220/240v or 110v depending on your location. No need to make a special request.

Recommended uses
  • Wedding Decor
  • Along the Bridal Party table or on the front under some organza or tulle draping.
  • Around the cake table
  • Garden Party
  • Patio
  • Nursery or Kids room
  • String them along your fence
  • Christmas Tree Decorations
  • Night Lights (find your way around at night without blinding yourself with switching main lights on)
  • About 5 million other reasons :)

Set the mood for a little romance and relaxation with our rattan ball lights! , anywhere you like. These hip, glowing blooms are wonderful draped over a bed or around a mirror. We love using multiple strings for party decorations.
Each light is hand-crafted from rattan. Comes as a 3 meters long string light with 20 lights.

  • 3.5 meters string of 20 Brown Rattan Ball with 20 tiny light bulbs.
  • Each Rattan Ball is diameter of 5 centimeters.
  • Can use with Voltage 110V ~ 240V.
  • Come with FREE OF CHARGE Adaptor available for
    - 2 pin plug adaptor for buyer from United States,Canada and Asia.
    - 3 pin plug adaptor for buyer from United Kingdom/Ireland.
    - 2 pin plug adaptor for buyer from Australia/New Zealand.
    - 2 pin plug adaptor for buyer from Germany/France.
  • Great for garden, party, shower, wedding or romance.
  • Caution: Not suitable for small children.

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