Englisch per Skype! Die erste Lektion kostenlos:)

Englisch per Skype! Die erste Lektion kostenlos:) - Bild 1
Englisch per Skype! Die erste Lektion kostenlos:) - Bild 1
Preis: EUR 20,00

Effektive Sprachkurse via Skype mit Lehrern aus England. Wir sprechen nur Englisch. Überzeugen Sie sich selbst. Die erste Lektion kostenlos. Nächste Lektion EUR 20 pro 60 Minuten. Warten Sie nicht. Abonnieren Sie uns noch heute. Melden Sie auf Ihre erste Lektion kostenlos per E-mail: Learn4skills@gmail.com oder füger Sie mich auf Skype: milena.klorek

About me

am a highly-organized English teacher, with over 5 years experience of teaching English in primary schools mainly. I love teaching English and I am passionate about the English language, culture, history. I have experience in teaching English to kids, teens and adults. I use a wide range of learning resources, designed to cater for different learning I offer teaching with an emphasis on practical communication. I have a genuine passion for teaching, and this translates into a very strong work ethic on my part It is a real pleasure for me to see the development of my students' language skills, and how a broader vocabulary and knowledge of grammar allows them to express and understand increasingly complex Would you like a personal tutor to help you with your English skills? Look no further! Improve your English all from the comfort of your own home via Skype. I have no doubt that you will enjoy our lessons together. I am available to teach at almost any time of the day. My schedule is very flexible. My teaching credentials are available upon request. Using online technology connected with language learning is really effective. To prove this I offer your first lesson free:)

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