Portugiesich Unterricht

Portugiesich Unterricht - Bild 1
Portugiesich Unterricht - Bild 1
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Möchten Sie Portugiesich lernen?

I am Daiane Publio, a Brazilian teacher of Portuguese. Currently I live in Mainz, where I am studying German.

I teach Portuguese as a foreign language for students of all levels with excellent material by Hueber editions. The are communicative and focus on all languages skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening, with a strong grammar basis.

Professionalism guaranteed.

Important: Since I am learning German, the in basic levels are hold in English. I hope you do not mind.

Please, give me a call or send write, I will be very happy to help you!

E-mail: dai.dslv@gmail.com

Phone number: 0178 7156928

Daiane Publio

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